Two For the Show

Two gals and the open road.


This editorial for Vogue’s March issue has struck a major cord: the road trip cord.

It’s hard not to talk about the weather these days, because it’s as though we’ve skipped winter and spring is here! For real, when I wake up and walk into the living room, the first thing I see is the massive tree through the window covered in beautiful pink cherry blossoms and it’s such a great way to start the day. Summer has been on my mind lately, and I’ve slowly started to jot down a few roadie destinations for this year. I honestly can’t remember the last time I went on one – the freedom, the music, the ridiculousness, and of course, the photos you get to look back on are just a few of the justifications. I’d love to take seven days, grab a couple gal pals and cross the border into the ‘murican abyss and see what kind of trouble landscapes, hidden treasures and unknown places we find ourselves in. Where would you like to road trip to this summer?









Images via Visual Optimism

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  1. Anytime the word “roadtrip” is mentioned, I am THERE — even if I wasn’t invited, I invite myself. I am THAT girl. Hoping to road trip the Croatian coast this summer, and Route 1 in California is at the super top of my wish list!

    1. Haha I like the enthusiasm and self invites. Jealous that you’re living in Europe, I’d give anything for the short weekend trips again!

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