Bowen Island

This is my favourite time of year to rummage through the trees.


We weren’t supposed to go to Bowen Island – our plan was to pack an overnight bag, hike to Panorama Ridge and take in the the crisp fall air, sweet mountain views and sip on home made chai. Lack of a car, time and a few hiking essentials set us back, but that didn’t prevent us from exploring other spots we’ve never set foot on before! Thankfully you don’t need a car to explore other amazing parts of the coast, so we decided to hop on a bus to Horseshoe Bay and take the short 20 minute ferry to Bowen Island.

The Bowen Island community is a tight one, with encouraged hitchhiking and first name basis greetings. It’s interesting to see what a tourist driven town is like during the off season – I think the area’s personality and local life seem to flourish more at this time of year than when it’s crawling with tourists and weekend warriors. There’s so much that can be missed! Most of the local businesses were closed down for the season, giving the island a very peaceful impression after a crazy summer. We grabbed a slice of tourtiere at a tiny pie shop (one of our only options to grab food) in Snug Cove – because you always need pie for any outdoor excursion, duh. And off we went!

Time wasn’t an issue – our pace was slow, we stopped wherever we liked and kept an open mind. We passed some old fish ladders, an open meadow that led to a beaver dam that sat on a creek, met a local named Louie and his seven rescue dogs, ate lunch on a fallen tree surrounded by lily pads, did a loop of Killarney Lake with barely a sound to be heard except for our own chirping and footsteps. Not a bad day off! Hmm…which island should I hit up next?












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  1. Beautiful work Jess, now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t see Bowen island when we lived over that side… Next time! Your photos really set the tone of the quietness of the place.

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