Erdem S/S 2015

I’ll meet you at the botanical gardens.


It seems as though the Italians have been sipping on love potions – stores will surely be blossoming with lush florals and romantic silhouettes next spring, and you won’t hear me complaining! Taking a botanical garden and everything it has to offer as inspiration is genius – just imagine yourself in a beautiful humid glass dome jungle, completely surrounded by lush greenery, exotic flowers and vines crawling up and taking over every part of their manmade confinement. Not only does each lady represents the rich colour palette, textures and emotions that we associate with this unique garden experience, it can double as a reminder that nature conservation is more important than ever and we need to do our part to protect the natural environment that we get to take advantage of everyday. A crazy beautiful collection with a strong underlying message!










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One comment

  1. Lovely clothes, great inspiration! I think I would like them a lot better, though, if the models looked halfway healthy. These rakes look like they may not make it down the runway! And when was the law passed that models cannot smile or look happy in any way. Is that supposed to detract from the clothes? It really would enhance the whole fashion experience for me.

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