G-Star RAW For the Oceans

Pharrell has started a major fashion revolution…


The “happy” oversized hat donning (did you know it’s a F/W 1982 Vivienne Westwood?) Grammy award winner recently joined forces with G-Star RAW to “turn plastic into something fantastic”. And did they ever! For the first time, the fashion world is producing clothing by using one of the ocean’s most threatening pollutants: plastic. How is it done? In a nutshell, plastic is removed from the ocean, finely broken down and transformed into a super cool fibre that’s spun into a yarn that will be further combined with cotton, giving you superior quality and stylish eco clothing. This collection may not be for everyone, but this isn’t all about style, but a practice that is now open for other fashion brands to possibly adopt. The production game has completely changed.

I strongly suggest you have a look at the website, it’s informative and easy to navigate! The collection will be making its way down the runway tomorrow at NYFW and will be available online September 6th.







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