The Fedora

There’s one thing I’m sure of: fedoras will never go out of style.

Elena Perminova

If I had to choose one accessory to wear until the end of time, hands down it would be a hat. My hair is impossible to handle and I can never be bothered to put the time, energy and product into a styled do’, which is why I’ve always gravitated towards hair bandanas, scarves, toques and any else that I can put on my head. Fedoras (more specifically, felt)) are rapidly taking over my hat collection due to their versatility – they add that final touch to an outfit whether relaxed or more formal, and can be worn year round. The perfect accessory! Right now I’m loving the way they look with a long trench coat, oversized scarf and ankle boots. Added bonus: that tiny bit of protection from the fall rain!













Images via Studded Hearts, The Sartorialist, Elle, Style Saint, Visual Optimism, That Kind Of Woman, The Fashion Guitar, WWD, Surf Stitch, Something Black Blog, Show and Tell Me

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