Girls On Bikes

Biking never looked so good!


When it comes to daily bike commuting, North America needs to take a few notes about cycling apparel from our friends in Europe. It’s easy to think, “Ok, I’m biking to work today which means I’m going to sweat and no one wants to start their work day all sweaty, so I’m going to throw on my breathable, high tech moisture wicking bike gear.” I get it, and it makes sense! Why wouldn’t we prep ourselves in activewear when we’re in fact, about to perform a physical activity?

After living in Stockholm and visiting multiple European countries, I’ve noticed that no one seems to give a flying hoot about what they look like when they bike around the city. It’s a means of getting from point A to point B, and we shouldn’t have to compromise our personal style for the sake of avoiding a slightly sweaty back when we meet our friends at our final destination.

I walked through the city yesterday with only a general idea of my whereabouts, observing the streams of cyclists gliding by clutching their handbags, sipping on coffee, chatting on their phone and even eating pastries in their tailored suits, summer dresses, heels and pencil skirts – honey, I’m home! Of course, the separated double width lanes along with Amsterdam’s naturally flat streets make for one stress free ride, but it makes me want to cry it’s such a beautiful sight! With my temporary set of wheels and summer wardrobe, I’ll finally get to live life like a local – after all, along with the Danes, the Dutch paved the way for chic commuting. Shout out to all these ladies who are pedalling with style!











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