The Next Stop

In just a few days I get to live out a European dream that involves bikes, canals, flea markets and an infamous district known for being naughty.


Amsterdam awaits and even though my body is physically ready for some R&R, my mind is preparing itself for a sensory overload much different than what I’ve processed so far in Brazil. For two weeks I’ll be finding myself lost within streets of The Venice Of the North, drooling over the architecture and admiring the droves of chic cycle babes flowing throughout the city. The best part is that I’ll have the opportunity to immerse myself in the famous Dutch biking culture that will undoubtedly leave me giddy from head to toe.

Free People’s January 2013 catalog featured not only models, but “real girls” in practical yet feminine outfits, all fit for a stylin’ commute.








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Via Bike Pretty




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