Stone Cold Fox

I have no words…


I’ve had a difficult time putting into words how I feel about this brand, partly because I could write what I normally say about all the others: they’re beautiful, feminine, sexy, flattering,etc… all the right compliments. Stone Cold Fox embraces femininity (see, said it again) in a way that would normally be considered too sexy. Yes, their designs are shoulder baring, slinky and lacy, but they go against the grain of the trends we’re constantly seeing, paving their own path with timeless vintage inspired pieces that will never go out of style. The Marrakech Dress and Bianca Blouse are personal standouts, and did I mention that they also do bridal wear?! Let that sink in for a minute, it’s almost too good to be true.









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Via Stone Cold Fox /Lust For Life / Viciously Cyd / Queen Season / Surf Stitch


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