The Bralette

Why confine your breasts to a wired, padded cage this summer when they can breathe while enhancing your outfit?


Since my teenage days of experimenting with different bra styles, (mainly to find the right one to push up my naturally tiny bust), I came to realize in the end that I absolutely hated them all. The wires were uncomfortable, the padding (fabric, gel, air, I’ve tried them all!) never looked ‘natural’, they’d never last and they were, and still are a pain in my ass. Bralettes weren’t around to save me during high school, but when summer rolled around you would always find me wearing my bikini top instead of a bra. Today, bralettes are all I wear.

They have a rep for being more forgiving than your standard bra and for some reason have been given the full green light on the peek-a-boo front. They can be worn under see through tops, under tank tops with a lower armhole, and even on their own for the more adventurous and confident gal. I will only wear Aritzia and Urban Outfitters‘ versions, they’ve yet to let me down and come in a great selection of colors and styles.

There’s also a new breed of bralettes has taken the fashion world by storm, and they are not mean to be worn as under wear, but as a cropped, tight fitting triangular tank top. It’s obvious that the crop top craze isn’t dead quite yet! They’re incredibly versatile whether you dress it up, dress it down, pair it with tailored pants or a maxi skirt, the possibilities are endless.

Aside from my bathing suit top, my bralettes will come in extremely handy when battling the hot temperatures and humidity in Brazil!









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