The One Piece

Well hello, onesie!


I remember ordering a cute eggplant romper from Victoria’s Secret roughly four years ago – loved it for one summer and sadly, it ended up in the back of my closet. I gave it away to a friend who appreciated it much more than I (apparently) did, and was happy to know it would breathe new life. Do I regret it now that rompers and jumpsuits are awaiting me in practically every shop in the city? Yes and no. Yes, because those I’ve seen as of late are pretty darn cute and they make quite the statement! Call me a tad lazy, but I strongly support the idea of not having to choose a top and bottom when I get up in the morning, but that’s neither here nor there. On the contrary, will the one piece fade out as fast as it’s risen? If I give it a second chance, will it end up lost in the depths of my closet once agan? I’ll let you be the judge!











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