Return Of the Birks

It was only a matter of time…


My feelings on the recent Birkenstock craze? I couldn’t be more in favour! The fashion world can be scary, with its intimidatingly high heels, scandalously leg baring dresses and the celebrity personalities and models we connect them to. In my first blog post I spoke about how (high) fashion enthusiasts are gravitating towards a casual, more sport influenced approach, fusing together comfort and style into their designs, and the Birksenstock rage is another perfect example. Not only can they be paired with almost anything (ok, maybe not an evening gown or cocktail dress), but they are great for your feet and back support. I’ve even considered grabbing a pair for my upcoming trip to Brazil, because I know I’ll want nothing more than a comfortable pair of sandals to keep me going while we take in the World Cup madness!

Who would’ve thought the flower child associated sandal would become a major style trend? Are you for or against?









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