$10 three course meals (no lie), rich architecture, thermal baths aplenty and an outdoor scene not to be messed with – seriously, what’s not to love?


In the three days we spent roaming the streets of this mighty fine Hungarian city, not for a second were we bored. It can’t happen in Budapest! Our home base was perfectly situated in District 7, the former Jewish Quarter that now boasts a multitude of sweet vintage shops, garden bars/restaurants and enough historic buildings to feast your eyes on for hours. One major game changer and upside to living in Europe is that in most countries you can drink in public, which is completely unheard of in Canada. It felt great to pick up a few bevies and crack one open right in the street!

We didn’t hesitate to hit up some of the city’s public thermal baths, a truly unique experience and a tradition amongst Hungarians for the past four centuries. Széchenyi Spa (below), the most popular (with good reason: baller) was built in the early 1900’s and is the largest outdoor spa in Europe. If you’re not cool hanging out with dozens of strangers in large warm pools then this will definitely be a weird experience for you. Just sayin’.

Budapest easily climbed up to be one of the most well rounded cities I’ve visited, with the prominent factor being that it’s cheap as hell. We ate and drank like it was our job for three days straight. It was so awesome. The inner city is easy to navigate and walk through, there are loads of sights to check out, great local produce and flea markets, and a park that offers plenty of green space to catch some rays, crack open another one with some buddies and feel the energy of the city by night. And don’t forget the baths!











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