The Modern Backpack

Sometimes life is simply better without a purse.

cambridge satchel

I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a light traveler. Remember the ol’ scout motto “always be prepared”? I live by this religiously. I’m not saying I’m fully equipped with a first aid kit, a flashlight and some dehydrated meals but you’ll often find my purse weighed down by a water bottle, light jacket or sweater, and a snack or two along with the usual lip balm, makeup, wallet, sunglasses, keys, etc… You never know where the day will lead you! The only downside to my proactive habit is the sore shoulder that gradually develops throughout the day. Solution? Backpack.

The outdoor rucksack seems to be making a massive comeback these days (which I’m very much into!) and the company who seems to be nailing it is Vancouver based Herschel Supply Co. I’ve owned their Little America bag (fit for a scout!) for over two years now and it still looks brand new. Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven (meaning Arctic Fox) has been around since the 50’s and is the prime example of the practical backpack turned fashion statement.

I keep prints to a minimum and colours neutral, which I know sounds kind of boring and safe but I’m leaving it to the materials, silhouettes and all other distinguishable elements to lead the way. Here are a few that have caught my eye:







a kind of guise 2


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