Gypsy 05

Say hello to my latest fashion find!


Many of the brands that I gravitate towards seem to come with teams of two behind their vision – for instance, We Are Handsome, For Love & Lemons and Spell & the Gypsy Collective‘s ideas turned designs are all brought to life by two brilliant minds. And now my latest discovery, Gypsy 05 adds yet another one to the club.

The brother sister duo, Dotan and Osi Shoham have been in business with their eco fashion label since 2005, based out of California where their garments are produced through LA’s first solar powered manufacturing facility (from which 30% of their power is generated). Screen printing and tie dyeing are the standout processes that are frequently incorporated into the lightweight, wind catching maxi dresses, trousers and tops inspired by nature’s elements.

I love it all, but those trousers sure are winning me over.









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Photos via Gypsy 05


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