Wild Belle

Killer style, killer voice.

natalie bergman4

I’ve had a crush on Natalie Bergman since I first saw Wild Belle’s video for “Keep You”. The song has a catchy yet sexy, slow reggae beat that instantly makes you want to dance in the summer heat. Like her music, it’s clear that her style aesthetic has a strong tropical and African influence with a touch of 70’s flare, which translates seamlessly in the video (you’ll find it below).

Bergman did a shoot for the hardcore 70’s brand sugarhigh + lovestoned  a few years back, and completely hit the ball out of the park. The floppy wide brimmed hat, what seems like an infinite sea of fringe, and red velvet bellbottoms only the vocalist herself could pull off all make me want to jump in a Westfalia and take off on an endless summer roadtrip – while listening to Wild Belle of course.

natalie bergman3



natalie bergman




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Photos via sugarhigh + lovestoned 


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