Follow Me To

And the cutest couple award goes to…these guys!


It seems as though photographer/producer Murad Osmann will follow his girlfriend almost anywhere, and he puts their travels into a unique perspective with his Instagram series ‘Follow Me To’. Now, this is far from your typical holiday snapshot where the couple poses in front of a world renowned landmark or viewpoint, hoping that the results are photo frame worthy. In each photo Osmann’s girlfriend is perfectly dressed for each part, working with her surroundings while she leads him into a vivid spectrum of environments that he captures brilliantly. Even though you can only see Osmann’s arm and his lady’s back, there’s a strong human element and it leaves you with a sense of intrigue as neither of their faces are visible. Every photo quenches my travel thirst, so many amazing places to explore!

Eze France



Ravello Italy


Central Park



Versace Mansion Floria


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 Photos via here & here


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