With Love, From Slovenia

Last month, my man and I hopped on over to Slovenia for a week. Slovenia. Wasn’t exactly on my travel radar, but it won us over instantly. He had meetings for a few days and it seemed silly not to stay and check out other parts of the country. Having done little research, we dove in blind!


The trip began in the oldest town in Slovenia called Ptuj (pronounced ‘puh-too-ee’, as if you’re spitting at someone). I’ll mention now (since you’ll slowly get to know me as my blog evolves) that you could plop me down into any city or town in Europe and I will be in awe. The first time I came to Stockholm I’m pretty sure I stood at street corner and did 360’s for 20 minutes, admiring the architecture, history and character of my surroundings that my North American eyes weren’t accustomed to. It blows my freaking mind every time! Ptuj is charming, sits on a beautiful river with a pedestrian and biking bridge, and is home to the oldest wine cellars in the country.



Once the meetings ended, we rented a car and then it was us and the open road! We B-lined it straight to the middle of the country where you can find Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, their very own version of Paris – or so I thought. Beautiful buildings, a river with a small cluster of lit up pedestrian bridges so close you could play catch across, and the most amazing al fresco scene I’ve ever laid eyes on. It makes total and complete sense! Why would you want to eat inside when you can people watch, look up at the stars and breathe in the life that makes this city so vibrant?? You’d have to be nuts.





      1. I thought I would get a notification of your reply, so I only saw this now when I checked out your birthday post! We stopped in Ljubljana on our way to Croatia. We stayed there the whole time and just enjoyed the al fresco dining and explored the town! It was so beautiful and just easy and relaxed!

        Happy Birthday!!

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