Grain Free Vanilla Bean Cardamom Cupcakes

Oh my these cupcakes! But first…


I must tell you that I’m a bit of a baking junkie. I love it so much and it’s one of my few happy places I frequently go to. Lately I’ve been experimenting with grain free flours and happened to stumble upon a recipe I knew I had to try out. The ingredients are wholesome, and much cleaner than what you’ll find in a traditional cupcake recipe.

You would never think these are gluten free and dairy free – they have bounce and are moist, they aren’t terribly sweet and the coconut, cardamom & orange combination is crazy delicious!

This recipe was originally posted on Beauty Pie, a Stockholm based beauty blog that gives personal advice, reviews and healthy recipes that promotes a healthy well being (and some gorgeous photography). I’ve been fortunate to work with two awesome ladies since our launch in December and we’ve been loving every minute of it! Recipe here.



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